Outpatient Services

The Wellspring Outpatient Program For Mental Health and Addictions Treatment

  Who We Are

Located on Hammond Street in Bangor, the Wellspring Outpatient Program offers treatment for mental illness, emotional disorders, and chemical dependency at a small freestanding clinic. Our services include

·          Substance abuse and mental health assessments

·          OUI treatment and assessments

·          Mental health, substance abuse and co-occurring disorder counseling

Our Treatment Approach

 Wellspring Outpatient clients participate in a treatment planning process with their counselor to create a plan specific to their individual needs, allowing them to stay in the community while they identify the problems that are challenging them and select the best treatment options to overcome those problems.

Wellspring Outpatient counselors introduce our clients to other services available in the community, advise them on the most effective treatment strategies, and guide them through the recovery process.

Our emphasis is on helping our clients cultivate their strengths and become healthier and more productive, using the least restrictive treatment approach possible to achieve lasting results.

Individual Therapy

 Some of our clients prefer to meet individually with a counselor to discuss their problems. Individual therapy is a confidential, client-focused setting that allows clients to look for solutions through the process of outpatient treatment. The therapy may be brief and focused on a specific problem, or may be more expansive, focusing on the root causes of a person’s problems. Guided by a mutually developed treatment plan with measurable and attainable goals, the counselor and client work together in regularly scheduled treatment sessions to resolve the problems listed in the plan.

 Family Therapy

 Family therapy can take several forms. In some situations, couples come to counseling together to resolve interpersonal conflicts or develop techniques for confronting problems as a team. On occasion, family members of a person experiencing mental health or addiction problems seek counseling to learn how to be more effective coping with the complex problems brought about by the mental illness and addiction of a loved one. As with individual counseling, the sessions may be as brief as a session or two or may be longer, depending on the needs of the family.

 Group Therapy

 Along with individual and family counseling, we offer therapy groups that provide the advantage of empathic support and encouragement for people who are struggling with

·          Relapse prevention and early recovery issues

·          Opiate addiction

·          Parenting in recovery

·          Loss of a driver’s license due to substance abuse

·          Adjustment to medication assisted treatment (Suboxone)

For most people, outpatient group therapy is the best way to develop a solid network of support, share ideas, and practice recovery skills in a safe and caring environment.

Most groups at the Wellspring Outpatient Program are an open enrollment group, which means that new participants may start and end the group at any time.

Other Information About Us

The Wellspring Outpatient Program is funded in part by federal and state funds from the Department of Health & Human Services, Office of Substance Abuse, the United Way of Eastern Maine, and private donations.

We have a license from the Department of Health & Human Services Office of Substance Abuse to provide outpatient, intensive outpatient (IOP) and DEEP treatment services, and are also licensed as a mental health agency.

Our services are available to hearing impaired individuals. Interpreter services are available from community support services without cost to the client.

Services are covered by many health insurance plans. A sliding fee scale is also available for individuals without insurance coverage. No one will be denied services based on an inability to pay.

Wellspring is the substance abuse treatment provider for Penobscot County Drug Court and the Charleston Correctional Facility.

For more information or to make an intake appointment, contact our office manager at:

Wellspring Outpatient Program

(207) 941-1612 ext. 201;
Fax (207) 941-1634


Location:  255 Hammond St.,

Bangor, ME  04401

Mailing address:  98 Cumberland St., Bangor, ME  04401