Men’s Halfway House

Wellspring Men’s House For Co-Occurring Disorders
Who we are 
On Halloween Day 1968, the first resident walked through the door of the Bangor Halfway House, making Wellspring’s Men’s House the second oldest substance abuse program in the State of Maine to be in continuous operation since its inception. Housed in a historic Victorian home near downtown Bangor, it has evolved over the years from a traditional halfway house into a long-term residential substance abuse treatment and rehabilitation program serving men with addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. Men come from Wellspring from throughout the State of Maine and the typical length of stay is from four to six months. Wellspring Men’s House seeks to increase resiliency and recovery capacity among the residents serves through intentional program design and practice. Building upon its cognitive behavioral treatment approach, residents participate in a therapeutic milieu designed to help residents gain specific skills they need to achieve and sustain their recovery from addiction.

 To be considered for residential treatment, you must be:

·        Eighteen years of age or older

·        Free from mood altering substances on the day of admission

·        Physically and mentally able to participate in a therapeutic community environment

·        Motivated for treatment


Room and board fees are applied, based upon ability to pay. The maximum fee would be $10 per day, with a minimum charge of $1 per day. Residents are expected to make good faith efforts in paying all room and board fees.


Services Include:

·        Individual, Family and group substance abuse counseling

·        Educational and vocational counseling

·        Specialized treatment and psychiatric consultation for residents with co-occurring mental disorders

·          Active participation in a therapeutic milieu, with substance abuse professionals, paraprofessionals, and peers

·        Referrals to a variety of support services

·         Random drug testing

·        Participation in the 12 step community

·        Daily living skills training


Psycho-Education Groups Include:

·          Bouncing Back from Addiction

·          Life Skills education and training

·          Communications skills

·          Relapse Prevention

·          Men’s Group

·          Addiction Education

·          Skills Training Education

Participants also participate in daily meditations and house meetings.


Daily Living Skills Include:

·        Completing regularly scheduled house hold chores such as: meal preparation, cleaning, vacuuming, mopping floors, etc.

·        Bedrooms are to be neat and clean, with beds made daily.

·        Personal laundry responsibilities.

·        Practicing daily personal hygiene is required.

·        Learning time management skills is an important part of keeping up with all the responsibilities, assignments and program requirements.

All of these activities and responsibilities lend themselves to the development of daily living skills that residents will take with them as they graduate the program and begin independent living.

It is also expected that residents serve on House Committee.   The purpose of the house Committee is to ensure the chores and operations of daily living occur according to Wellspring rules and regulations. The House Committee is the primary means for resident participation and management of the residential program, and serves as the liaison between the resident population and the clinical and management staff of the facility.

Community Integration

Recovery is much more than maintaining sobriety. Recovery involves setting goals that will foster independence, family supports, self confidence and a new life style that will lead to success in many areas of life while maintaining a sober lifestyle. Wellspring’s Men’s House is designed to be welcoming and inviting.  Spouses, girlfriends, and/or other family members are also encouraged to visit as long as they are clean and sober; do not present issues around safety and are willing to comply with the program rules and regulations.

It is also part of the treatment philosophy that residents are allowed to practice their recovery skills in actual community settings. This begins by attending recovery support activities in the community, initiating weekend passes when eligible and treatment appropriate, and employment. Residents are encouraged to seek and obtain employment during their latter phases of treatment to meet some of their community integration and transition needs.

Wellspring Men’s House works with its residents to address vocational and employment needs; it has established linkages with community resources such as the Career Center, the Learning Center, and Employment Development. In addition, the Men’s House is seeking to expand opportunities for service and volunteer opportunities in the community.

Contact Information:

Office Hours are Monday – Friday 8am-4pm

(207) 941-1600


For Intake information you may contact Karen at ext. 201